Week #14: Curbside Prophet


Jared sits on the corner of the busiest intersection of downtown Athens and alternates between playing his Accordion and his Ocarina, a shell shaped flute-type.  He wears dark sunglasses and performs familiar melodies that waft through the streets and provide ambient background score for the outside corner sitters and coffee sippers.

At his feet,  Jared keeps a small bucket for change and a cardboard sign that reads “FREE STORY. WARNING: IT’S A LONG ONE”. For the past two years I have attempted to listen to Jared’s story but have never been able to commit the amount of time that he felt the tale really needed to have it’s full affect- a minimum of 30 minutes.

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Week12: Petrificus Totalus

UGA Freeze Mob

Freeze Mob

Who among us has not secretly dreamt of being apart of a flash mob? When I emailed the address on this flier, I was fully prepared to swallow my pride, learn every step of choreography and shamelessly take part in a spontaneous dance in the middle of campus.  I was a bit confused when I received a response informing me that  the event would be, not a flash mob, but a FREEZE mob.

A freeze mob, my curious friends, is a giant group of people who strategically stop, mid-motion at an arranged time. Whatever position that you are in at the given moment is the pose that you must hold throughout the duration of the mob.  When the time is up, you simply continue on with your task as if nothing has happened and leave those who are uninvolved baffled in your dust.

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WEEK #11: Inflatable Acid Trip

Adult Swim Funhouse

Adult Swim Fun House

I will admit that perhaps this week’s adventure was not the most culturally enriching of poster experiences. There was no underlying feminist motif, heart wrenching spoken word, or poignant social commentary (at least none that I caught). There was, however, a giant man wearing only a diaper and  baby bonnet, a Santa Clause that gave away free beer tickets when you sat on his lap and a giant inflatable vagina slide… read on.

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Week#10: Paperbound Adventures

2013 FLUKE Mini-Comic FImageestival

No shortage of poster options this week in Athens- The Farmers Market, an international street festival, a motel artshow, poetry readings, plant sales …For a poster enthusiast like myself, the possibilities can become overwhelming.

One event, however, stuck out to me as a true reminder as to why I began this venture in the first place: The 2013 FLUKE Mini-Comics Festival held at the 40 Watt.

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Week #9: Beauty in Noise

University Theatre Show: Under Construction

Under Construction“And so it is out of this chaos, This accumulation of history and novelty, That we begin building…. This is what human beings do. This is the human project As long as we are alive.”

My limited theater knowledge and performance vocabulary made it difficult to understand the online synopsis of Under Construction. When I took my seat at the matinee performance on Sunday afternoon, I had virtually no idea of what to expect (except for “nudity and mature content that is not suitable for children”.)

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Random Tent on the South Side of Lamar Dodd Art School

Intents Art Collective

 This is the second week in a row that a new flyer caught my eye while already in route to a poster destination. The Lamar Dodd School of Art was having a “POTtery Sale” that I decided to check out on Friday afternoon. While browsing the selection beautifully glazed coffee mugs and funky prints, I saw a posting on the lobby bulletin that piqued my curiosity.

“Come visit the newly erected tent on the south side of Lamar Dodd. Inside the tent you will find a BOX, you may leave something in the box, you may take something from the box. Preferably Both! Be it a good book, extra art supplies, a photograph, that shirt you dont want anymore, a confession , a flyer to a new show. Or maybe even a flyer for another tent…”

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WEEK#7: This Thing Was Huge


AIDS memorial quilt poster

I had already fulfilled by poster requirement for the week when I noticed this one downtown on Wednesday afternoon. I had my post all written up on a lecture that I had attended by Dr. Elizabeth Corrie on the non-violent pursuit of peace in the Middle East…  but because flier scouting has now become a hobby/debatable obsession of mine, this one caught my eye and I decided to check it out before I went to work.

It would not be a stretch to say that it has been my favorite flier destination thus far. 

In 1987, a group of strangers gathered in a square in San Francisco to document the lives of loved ones who were lost to AIDS, the lives that they feared history would remember as nothing but a statistic. Their goal was to create a visual memorial that would help people understand the devastating impact of the disease while empowering the memory of the individual who was loss. This meeting of devoted friends and lovers served as the foundation of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

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